Monday, 28 July 2014

Camping and Back Pain

Camping is a wonderful way to escape the city rat-race & get back to nature. Many of us are taking to it this time of year, helping to relieve stress & spend quality time with family and friends. 

But for back pain sufferers, the thought of sleeping under the stars can bring other anxieties! Camping can really wreak havoc on your back and neck, so take care & follow a few easy tips to ensure a fun break away:

Tips for preventing back pain when camping:

1) The long car/train journey to your destination can already set your back off. So take breaks whilst driving, and have a stroll to admire your surroundings before unloading your heavy items and setting up camp.

2) Don't carry too many heavy items...take multiple trips, park up as close to camp as possible, and delegate jobs to other people!

3) Take care whilst setting up the tent, get down onto the ground & kneel instead of crouching and stooping over.

4) Take chairs with you to sit around the camp, instead of crouching to the ground.

5) Use airbeds or a good quality camping mat instead of laying directly on the ground. Also, take your favourite pillow from home, to protect you neck.

6) Emergency single-use icepacks are beneficial to have on hand, just in case your back truly flares up.

7) And if you're already suffering from niggles, see your local osteopath for a check-up & treatment before you set off!

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